Monday, April 19, 2010

Art Run...

    I feel like Im going through something that needs to be seen through...I cant stop this feeling of wanting to be better at this craft...I just need to improve as well. Ive been bombarding my eyes with images from james jean and audrey kawasaki...( probably my two favorite artist of all time...other than Alphonse Mucha and Monet ). I want to be as good as them so badly...or even showing signs of skills nearly as good as them. Im desperate.
    I had an art supply run and a couple of hours to myself to think and sketch..Every time I have time alone...the moment reminds me that this decision of creating image and colors as a lifestyle and career is one I made whole its honestly one of the only things Im somewhat talented in..Math and sports are definitely out the door..
    Speaking of ankle is taking a small vacation from the exertions of sports activities..I twisted it again in the reaction to stepping onto a piece of glass...-__-  Iam more concernicus about my ankle and the amount of times Ive sprained it..rather than the small piercing wound at the bottom of my foot.
....I have sprained my ankle a total of 5 times now. -__-

...Im attempting a mix media for my next piece...probably watercolor, acrylic, and marker..the piece thats almost complete is not exactly up to my wished standards. ..but its a start from a long hiatus of painting.

Ill be in my basement if anyone needs me. ^___^

..heres the first piece so far..say 40% done.

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