Saturday, April 10, 2010

Late Nite Inspirations . . .

Hello Readers of the first entry...I appreciate you already.
Its funny how all my best inspirations and intentions seem to seep into me into the ungodly hours of the late night. I finally found the internal nudge and push I needed to start this...I realized making one of these "blogs" is almost no different than artists in history did with their personal notebooks journals and sketchbooks...except Im alive and this is intentionally public..
       I started something in the last few weeks...I started doing something for myself and for my personal growth as a potential artist...its been a long moment since I began painting for me again..
Its almost scary...Im on my own in one making their mark in the world should be. I feel like Im just coming out of a coma or waking up from a deep dream. I dreamed of things my hands would create..(my left hand really..)..I woke up.
Having forgotten most of the dreams..Im going to try and find them and put them a whole again.
Wish me luck...its not even funny how much I will need it. *thumbs up*


  1. Best of luck, Melvin! That's what it's all about. You need to see the whole picture to get started. I'm glad you've found your inspiration. You're well on your way. Keep up the great work! :) BIGG HUG.

  2. deep man, like elbow deep. :) BIGG HUG.