Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hommmmmme finallly...

     Last minute Virginia is always fun. Dania was a freaking handful as usual...its astounding how smart she gets within a few months between visiting her.Also how much of a smart ass she learned to be hehe I wonder where she got it....she's lucky she's cute. Heh.
     My brother and Ate' Fe's new house is pretty awesome... they're asking for a really long painting for their new big living room...I have no clue where to start..but i really want to make them something...they deserve it. New painting...I've been sketching a few ideas lately for the new series..I gotta settle down and scan a few just to put them up..
    Also have been looking in craigslist lately for a more art-related employment status...I found a few..*crosses fingers* hope they bite..
 ...also saw this on and made me laugh a lot.   : D

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